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    13 January 2011

    Extreme Element

    Ever thought of trying out 4x4 Driving, but not sure where to look? Extreme Element bring you a cracking selection of 4x4 Driving Experiences for you to enjoy. This will make the perfect gift for those adrenaline seeking enthusiasts. Some of these exciting experiences include the 2 for1 Private 1 Hour 4x4 Training - Llangollen and the 1 Hour Private Land Rover Experience - Nr. Corby.

    Discover 4x4 Driving

    Discover 4x4 Driving
    Discover 4x4 Driving Experience is superb value and stupendous fun! You will have full control of the off-road vehicle as you get to grips with the techniques and skills required to tackle all terrains! Off-road driving is very different to on-road with completely opposing pedal control and gear changes required to make your way around, over and through the country’s challenging contours! The tantalisingly tricky tracks that await your 4x4 experience will challenge even the most experienced drivers, with slopes and hills that are guaranteed to get you thinking and grappling for control. The expert instructors that accompany your drive are bursting with advice and tips for your improvement, and more importantly, your enjoyment!
    Was £55.00
    Now £47.00

    2 for1 Private 1 Hour 4x4 Training - Llangollen

    2 for1 Private 1 Hour 4x4 Training
- Llangollen
    During this terrific 2for1 Special Off Road Driving experience, you and someone special will be shown the skills and techniques by a BORDA qualified instructor before getting hands on and attempting the tricky courses yourselves. Sat in the powerful 4x4 with your instructor next to you, you'll be practicing on steep inclines, dug out tracks and muddy mounds - perfect for learning and enjoying the powers of these amazing vehicles...and getting to grips with the muddy marvellous terrain! This intense 1 hour session is conducted on a one-to-one basis with the instructor, so you and a friend will have an hour of solo tuition each over the duration of the experience.
    Was £198.00
    Now £99.00

    Half Day Land Rover Experience - Nr. Corby

    Half Day Land Rover Experience -
Nr. Corby
    This superb Half Day of Off Road Driving will put you in the driving seat of a powerful Land Rover 4x4 and straight into some challenging off road situations, utilising the power and precision of the off road vehicles. With expert instruction sat right next to you, this shared experience will give you the opportunity to learn the techniques and skills of 4x4 driving, as you learn from each other and the professional instructor. 4x4 Driving opposes most of the on road driving laws, so get ready to learn a great deal about off road driving and how the amazing Land Rovers are perfectly adept to their surroundings!
    Choose a vehicle from: Defender 10, Discovery 3, Freelander 2
    Or: Pay a £25 upgrade fee at the centre to drive: Range Rover / Range Rover Sport
    Was £155.00
    Now £144.00

    Maxi-Monster Experience - East Grinstead

    Maxi-Monster Experience - East
    The Maxi-Monster is the enormous version of an already gigantic experience! The Maxi Monster Experience lets you drive both the Euro & the American spec trucks, as well as the tiny (in comparison!) Land Rover 90 and a nimble 4x4 buggy! You will work your way up through the vehicles and finish inside the big boy; the ‘Grizzly’ American spec Monster Truck. This magnificently oversized Monster vehicle has a 7.5L engine powering wheels that stand over six feet tall! This giant is impressive enough when parked away in the garage; actually driving it is a totally unique experience as its the only one available in the UK! Driving doesn’t actually come any bigger than this! You will get to compare the Grizzly against the Euro spec truck as you conquer the muddy mounds and police cars in your way! On this great driving day you will also drive the Land Rover 90 and the 4x4 buggy in a challenging off road environment.
    Our Price £255.00

    Full Day Land Rover Experience - Nr. Corby

    Full Day Land Rover Experience -
Nr. Corby
    With a full day to learn the basic 4x4 principles of Off Road Driving, you and your group will learn from each other and most importantly the professional instructor! With a range of challenging terrains and muddy mounds with which to successfully traverse, you'll need to have your thinking hats on, and quickly as you need to best judge the way out of tricky situation - using the skills and techniques of Off Road Driving! The laws and principles of 4x4 are very different to those employed on road, so prepare for a full day of learning and practicing - in an authentic off road environment!
    Choose a vehicle from: Defender 10, Discovery 3, Freelander 2
    Or: Pay a £25 upgrade fee at the centre to drive: Range Rover / Range Rover Sport
    Was £255.00
    Our Price £237.00

    Whitecliff 4x4 - Full Day - Gloucester

    Whitecliff 4x4 - Full Day -
    Based in one of the most visually stunning off road centres in the UK; this awesome off road driving experience allows you to learn and practice your 4x4 skills with a qualified BORDA instructor. The massive 40 acre off road site is perfect for all abilities, with a variety of level-based courses and runs designed to train and improve drivers of all skills and capabilities. The picturesque surroundings come complete with a range of obstacles, hills, muddy mounds and much more - perfect for a full day of off road driving! The instructors will talk you through each maneuver and provide expert advice from the passenger seat, allowing you to improve at great pace and with great enjoyment.
    Our Price £189.00

    1 Hour Private 4x4 Pro Driver Training - Andover

    1 Hour Private 4x4 Pro Driver
Training - Andover
    Experience the great outdoors with this fantastic 4x4 Off Road Pro Driving Tuition, for 1 solid hour of tuition. With your professional BORDA & IOPD driver, you will be shown the skills first hand before taking the wheel yourself and attempting to get up, down, over and across any tricky terrain in your way! The Land Rovers, Ford Rangers and Toyota vehicles used here are all rather new and well maintained - ensuring your 4x4 vehicle is as good as the tuition sat next to you!
    Our Price £99.00

    2 Hours Private 4x4 Tuition - Llangollen

    2 Hours Private 4x4 Tuition -
    Off Road 4x4 Driving is superbly enjoyable because of its challenging nature and the feeling of satisfaction that is rewarded having successfully negotiated a tricky course. The altogether opposing physicalities of 4x4 driving to on-road driving add a novel sense of intrigue to driver's initial experience, then as the course gets tricky and challenging it is about one thing, making it across, over or through successfully! This Private Session gives you 2 hours of uninterrupted advice and instruction, ensuring that you learn just how to maneuver these fantastically powerful and agile machines. Your BORDA instructor for the day is highly experienced and will be providing professional advice and instruction for your day’s driving. The course itself is tricky and challenging, with steep climbs and drops to compliment large side slopes and inclines. A great way to add some theory to your driving and some fun into your weekend!
    Our Price £165.00

    Quad Bike, 4x4 Driving and Apache Rally - Maidstone

    Quad Bike, 4x4 Driving and Apache
Rally - Maidstone
    This is a great day half day where you will experience the thrills of three separate off road activities. First up is the Quad Bikes, you will encounter mud, jumps and climbs as you get the chance to explore over 200 acres of woodland and fields. Then you will take a off road vehicle for a spin around a demanding course of steep slopes and woodland tracks, with plenty of trees to avoid! Last up is The Apache Off Road Racer- these awesome machines are light weight 'buggies' with 750cc motor cycle engines and a six speed gear box, this recipe creates a vehicle that has a power to weight ratio to match most Ferraris! You drive them on a grass track with normal road going tyres which creates huge amounts of sideways fun. The Apaches are two seater's and you will have an instructor by your side to make sure you get maximum enjoyment and performance from them. All in all a fantastic half day.
    Was £145.00
    Now £128.00

    1 Hour Private Land Rover Experience - Nr. Corby

    1 Hour Private Land Rover
Experience - Nr. Corby
    The Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles on offer here are nearly as fantastic as the surrounding environment upon which you will be driving, making this a truly special 1 hour experience! Choosing from a Land Rover Defender, a Land Rover Discovery 4 or the Range Rover Sport; you will have 1 solid hour of Off Road Driving tuition from an expert instructor, allowing you to really get to grips with the terrain and the challenges it poses for these great vehicles. Using some quick thinking and applied techniques, you will have the guidance of the professional instructor for 1 great educational hour!
    Was £99.00
    Now £89.00

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