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    Man Power Spa Day
    This fabulous day of pampering will start with a morning cup of coffee, your therapist for the day will then give you your robe and towel, and you will also have a pair of towelling slippers to take home.Feel free to make full use of the gym, excercise classes, indoor pool, sauna, steam, and lounge bar area.This experience includes;Manager FacialThis luxurious treatment makes the most of oxygen and vitamin creams using mild fruit serums to gently exfoliate, reveal fresh, oxygenated, youthful skin resulting in an instant facelift and radiance that lasts long after leaving the salon.Restorative Hand TreatmentFile, buff, moisturise, cuticle care and massage to produce hands fit for serious shaking and perfect presentation!You may also choose either one of these fantastic, deluxe massages;Karin Herzog Strong n Spicy MassageConcentrating only on the back and legs with a cleansing back mask, followed by a powerful Balinese massage and deep oxygen moisturisation. Ideal aid to relaxation for aching muscles. Leaves you relaxed, refreshed and re-energised while improving the skin condition of your back.Full Body MassageUsing tailored aromatherapy oils, this 1 hour full body massage takes you on an exhilarating journey. Working fully on the body's pressure points this will relieve tension and stress leaving you feeling fresh, relaxed and revitalised.
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