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    Created only for new clients of Icon Hair Studio, with this exclusive gift certificate you shall receive the following services, once only unless otherwise indicated (you may use up to three services at any given appointment: Style Consultation Let us take over your image while you enjoy the journey. Cut and Finish Whether it's just a trim or a total re-style your going to look gorgeous! Wash and Finish We'll have you transformed in to a sassy lady in no time at all!! 15 Mins Massage Chair Session Fudge Dynamite Treatment This will send rockets through your hair! A brilliant treatment to give your hair a kick! Body Builder Treatment Perfect for giving your hair some volume. Strengthener Treatment If you suffer from brittle ends then this super treatment is for you. Hair Repair System It does exactly what it says: 'repairs' - it makes you feel fantastic. Colour Consultation Chat to the technicians about the best colour for you - because we are the best! Permanent Colour or Half Head Highlights Be bold and make a stand with one of our stunning colours. Colour Touch Select one of our stunning colours, be courageous! Ceramic Straightening A fantastic treat for every girl about town. Hair Up Want to impress then this will knock them dead! A hit for everyone! 20% Discount towards selected products. You will also receive a discount of 50% from all salon services for the duration of the promotion as many times as you wish.
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