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Off Road Adventure Ride

Off Road Adventure Ride

Off Road Adventure Ride

Get ready for a bumpy ride
While many people will see Land Rovers on their daily commute, it is only when they are being tested to their limits that these vehicles really come into their own. Capable of achieving incredible, gravity-defying manoeuvres, especially when there is an expert behind the wheel, riders will never look at these 4 x 4s in the same light again. The purpose-built track has been designed with adrenaline in mind, featuring a range of steep hills and sharp gullies which will show off the Land Rovers abilities to their fullest effect. Whether they are tackling mud-filled gullies or navigating through the rough woodland, the Land Rovers handling is truly impressive. The day will start with a warm welcome and a chance to meet the driver who will be demonstrating the Land Rovers abilities. The rider will learn about the vehicles spec and get a chance to ask any questions before heading out to the track to the vehicle which will defy their expectations on this amazing passenger ride. Once everyone is strapped in, its time to take on the specially constructed course which features a range of different challenges, all of which the Land Rover will tackle head-on and conquer with ease, although it may not feel like it for the passenger. Featuring obstacles such as the appropriately named hole of hell and axle twisters that will see the car travelling at a terrifying 45 degrees, this experience is perfect for anyone who likes to add a little excitement into their lives. Ideal for children and adults, this is a chance to see just what a 4 x 4 can do with a trained professional behind the wheel.
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Magnify Off Road Adventure Ride For Two
Off Road Adventure Ride For Two
Off Road Adventure Ride For Two
An off road adventure for two
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