Extreme Adventure Day Package

  • Extreme Adventure Day Package
    Extreme Adventure Day Package
    Take on six exciting and thrilling adrenaline experiences!
    Anyone with a friend or family member who craves excitement and adventure can give them a real treat with this amazing range of experiences. From falling through the air against a backdrop of beautiful countryside, to plunging down a zip wire with the ground racing up to meet them, this is the perfect day out for anyone who wants to get their pulse racing. The day itself will see participants trying their hand at six different activities: a go on the longest and fastest zip wire, a giant swing that puts playground efforts to shame, an opportunity to experience the life of a stunt performer by falling into a giant air bag, the gravity-defying experience of the 360 degree swing, the 40 foot drop that will really test the mettle of even the most daring adventurer and the worlds first publicly accessible freefall from a height of 10 storeys onto an airbag. This experience begins with a warm welcome and, on entering the facility, guests will be able to see other people participating in the various activities which will give them a taste of whats to come when it is their turn to take on the various challenges on offer. Safety is key with an experience such as this, so all participants should wear clothes that cover their shoulders and wear long trousers or skirts and flat, closed toe-shoes as they will be fitted for a harness before undertaking any of the activities. This adventure takes place outdoors so it offers amazing views over the Eden project and the surrounding countryside. For those who are actually able to keep their eyes open as they hurtle through the air, this means they will have the chance to enjoy a completely new perspective on this beautiful part of the world. Even those who are not certain that they will be able to take in the view while they are swinging, flinging and jumping, there is no need to miss out on the amazing memories. Guests are encouraged to bring their phones as this experience includes phone case hire, and some of the helmets available are suitable for mounting Go Pros.
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