Supercar Thrill At Oulton Park

  • Supercar Thrill At Oulton Park
    Supercar Thrill At Oulton Park
    Experience the famous tracks of Oulton Park
    Racing fans will instantly recognise the inimitable shape of the track at Oulton Park, a uniquely challenging course set in the beautiful grounds of Oulton Hall. There are changes in gradient, tight corners and blind summits which make it the ideal place for a petrol head to test their mettle in the car of their dreams. As one of the first circuits in the North West, Oulton Park was an overnight success, attracting 40,000 spectators to its first open event and going on to become of the most renowned circuits in the country. Anyone who has ever dreamed of driving on the track that has seen Graham Hill, Stirling Moss, and Jackie Stewart achieving record-breaking speeds will love the chance to try out the circuit for themselves. This experience is a chance to discover how some of the most iconic cars have earned their reputations, including the elegant Aston Martin V8 Vantage, the sleek Audi R8 V10, the inimitable BMW i8, the ever-popular Ferrari California, the ground-breaking Lamborghini Gallardo LP560, the cutting-edge Nissan GTR and the unmistakeable Porsche 911 GT3. This amazing driving experience starts with a warm welcome and an introduction where the drivers will be given an idea of what they can expect from their day of driving. There will be a safety briefing which will provide plenty of information about how to ensure that the time on the track is safe as well as exhilarating. Then, its time to take to the track in the drivers choice of amazing cars. Those who long for the genteel elegance of the golden age of motoring may choose the Aston Martin whereas those who want to know that they are being powered by an engine from the cutting-edge of technological advancements may opt for the Nissan GTR instead. Whichever car the driver chooses, they are guaranteed a thrilling experience as they hurtle around the track four times, watching the scenery whizing past as they navigate the turns, contours and straights that make up this challenging track. This experience for one is ideal for anyone with an interest in motoring, whether that manifests itself as a need for speed, an interest in whats under the bonnets of some of the most talked-about cars in the world, or just a love of the internal combustion engine in all its forms.
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