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Junior Quad Bike Safari

  • Junior Quad Bike Safari
    Junior Quad Bike Safari
    Put that pedal to the metal.. And off you go!
    Most parents encourage their children to spend time outdoors, and riding a quad bike is one of the most appealing reasons to embrace the wonders of the countryside for speed demons of any age. Young adventurers will love this chance to try their hand at riding one of the most exciting vehicles around, and this quad biking experience is perfect for any budding petrol head. Its not just adults who enjoy the chance to get a little muddy and test their mettle as they ride these fun and exciting machines. This experience is designed to give 10 - 14 year olds an introduction to the wonderful world of quad biking. It starts with a briefing during which riders will be provided with all the protective clothing they need to keep them safe and comfortable as they embark on their quad biking adventure. Then there will be a chance to get to grips with the controls as riders are given the chance to test out their quad bikes on a level track and ask any questions they may have. Once they are familiar with what their machine can do and have had the expert input of their instructor on how to make the most of their quad bike, its time for the safari.
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