Supercar Thrill At Snetterton Circuit

  • Supercar Thrill At Snetterton Circuit
    Supercar Thrill At Snetterton Circuit
    Get Behind The Wheel And Test Out This Famous Track!
    Originally an RAF airfield, Snetterton circuit has been in operation as a race track since it was used for motorcycle racing in 1953. The track has also been used by Team Lotus, to test their formula one cars, and by the Norfolk Racing Company to test their entries for Le Mans. The track has changed significantly over the years including, most recently, the addition of a new mile-long section in the infield which was modelled on the hairpin at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. This track has seen some of the most successful drivers testing their nerve over the years and the current 300 circuit lap record was set by Felipe Nasr in 2011. The official 300 solo motorcycle lap record was set by Shane Byrne in 2016, during the British Superbike Championship. Motoring enthusiasts will love the chance to get behind the wheel and drive thrilling six miles at this famous track.Participants can choose from a selection of amazing cars including: an Audi R8, which has impressed petrol heads since 2006 with its renowned Quattro all-wheel-drive system; a Ferrari 360 which is sure to turn the heads of anyone who appreciates its unique combination of Italian design and cutting-edge technology; or the Gallardo, Lamborghinis most popular vehicle and one which has won the hearts of speed demons the world over. This experience will start with a warm welcome and a chance for the driver to meet an expert instructor who knows the track like the back of their hand and can give plenty of advice on how to brake and accelerate in order to keep their lap times as low as possible.Then its onto the track in a car that has been designed for speed, and with the instructor in the passenger seat, its a chance to really put their pedal to the metal and see if they can hold their nerve as the accelerator creeps up and they start to feel the effects of the g-force pressing on them. The instructor will show the driver how to maintain the optimal driving position, taking corners and bends at speeds which seem impossible and accelerating into the straights to give the driver a taste of the speeds their car is capable in three exiting laps.Participants will get the chance to purchase video footage or images from their experience to show their friends and as a lasting memento of the day.
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