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Combat Archery For Four

  • Combat Archery For Four
    Combat Archery For Four
    Take aim and fire!
    Combat Archery is an exciting new hybrid sport blending together archery, airsoft and paintball. During your session you will get to participate in three adrenaline fuelled games which are played in a team and on an individual basis. Combat Archery brings the raw intensity of battle with these three heart racing missions; Team Elimination, Capture the Flag and Last and Standing! Upon arrival you will meet your Archery GB coach who will give you a short health and safety briefing. They will also advise you on the core principles and safety practices of archery. You will then be provided with the safety equipment ready for action. Time for battle!!You will compete in 3 adrenaline charged battles.1 - Team Elimination - As the name suggests the task is to eliminate the other team by shooting them with your bows. 2 - Capture the Flag - You are at one end of the field; the flag is at the other. Take out your opponents with your bows and whoever gets to the end first wins.3- Last Man Standing - The finale of experience, its all against all, the last man standing wins.
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