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Ultimate Gliding

  • Ultimate Gliding
    Ultimate Gliding
    Ride the thermals
    Soar through the sky in an unpowered aircraft with nothing but streams of warm rising air and the wonders of aerodynamic engineering to keep you airborne with this amazing Ultimate Gliding experience. Gliding is an air sport where pilots take to the sky in a powerless lightweight aircraft and glide through the air using natural forces in the atmosphere known as thermals, which are updrafts of warm air, to remain in flight. This introduction to gliding will really get you into the sport. Depending on the location and availability, you can either have your 3 flights (although the precise number will depend on weather and other conditions) one after the other or you can space them out over the day. Whichever option you decide upon you will be able to spend the rest of the day seeing other aspects of a gliding club - helping with things such as the launches. Gliding is a great experience which offers an unrivalled birds eye view of the landscape below and is sure to leave you craving for more air based adventures.
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