Deluxe High Ropes Adventure

  • Deluxe High Ropes Adventure
    Deluxe High Ropes Adventure
    If you fancy yourself as the king of the swingers, then try our high ropes adventure!
    Swing from tree to tree high above the forest floor for over two hours of adrenalin-fuelled fun, laughter and adventure. This high ropes course is built in some of the tallest trees in Eastern England in the beautiful New Wood, part of Weasenham Woods in Norfolk. This experience takes aerial trekking to new extremes as you swing, climb and jump through the trees.Wearing a safety harness, participants trek through the canopy across 20 different activities amongst trees as tall as 150ft. The course is a network of rope bridges, trapezes and death slides that offers an exhilarating, challenging experience, which will leave you gasping for more! The course is set at two different heights: low ropes at 20ft and high ropes at 40ft for the more extreme participant. In addition to this, feel the G-force on the 45ft 3G swing, an exhilarating ride for any participant who wants to experience the g-force effect. The swing can take three people at a time and is winched up to a maximum height of 45ft and one of the participants then releases it into a massive swing. Plus, feel the fear of the 80ft fan descender jump, which enables you to carry our a controlled vertical jump, and the sheer exhilaration of flying 1000ft down a zip wire. You will also receive a sandwich and drink from the on-site café to provide you with welcome refreshment following completion of the course. Finally, also included with your package is complimentary entry into the beautiful Woodland Walk around the rope course.
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Magnify Deluxe High Ropes Adventure - Child
Deluxe High Ropes Adventure - Child
Deluxe High Ropes Adventure - Child
The perfect treat for any little monkey!
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