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Teen Fly Fishing

  • Teen Fly Fishing
    Teen Fly Fishing
    Once you've tried it, you'll be hooked!
    Enjoy personal tuition from a professional instructor on one of the UK's beautiful trout lakes and rivers. You'll be "wet fly" fishing - this means that you are using a fly travelling through the water to attract the fish. It's much more of a skill than "coarse fishing", but easier to learn than "dry fly fishing". This is a great opportunity to try your hand at one of life's more serene activities. After a warm welcome on arrival you'll first learn a little about the theory behind the art of fly fishing and have the opportunity to get to grips with casting before you go down to the water. With a fly attached to your line you try your luck, with the instructor always on hand to advise on fishing techniques. Savour the fresh air and tranquillity and you never know you might catch a trout or two! All the equipment you need is provided.
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