Super Six Stunt Car Challenge

  • Super Six Stunt Car Challenge
    Super Six Stunt Car Challenge
    Drive six stunt cars in one action-packed day
    For the car-mad lovers out there who want to experience motor racing on an entirely different level, this will sure to whet youre appetite! With this amount of driving, youll have to try and catch your breath in-between these fantastic challenges. As part of your fun-packed day, youll enjoy six individual drives. Are you ready to meet The Clown of Doom? So whacky you will never take your road car for granted again. Be prepared to tame The Reverse Steer Head Exploder. This beast will not obey you as you race through tears of laughter. Enjoy the latest craze to sweep the auto-circus world in The Caster Car Drift Experience. The casters on the back turn this crazy vehicle into the ultimate drifting machine! The Double Decker Showdown is one of the most barking mad experiences imaginable! Imagine two cars on top of each other, with the one on top controlling the steering and the one below controlling the pedals. This will put all buses into a brand new light! Take to the wheel of a Reliant Robin as you wobble your way around dirt and asphalt rallying tracks in the Dell Boy Rally. Finally experience the sheer delight of a pro-built British banger in The Ultimate Race-a-Wreck challenge. Drive round the oval circuit for a completely bonkers finale! Your day will start with a meeting with your instructors who will fit you into your racing overalls and explain the itinerary of the day ahead including a health and safety briefing. After which you will drive six of craziest vehicles around. To finish, you will receive a commemorative certificate and a souvenir programme.
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