Introduction To Wakeboarding

  • Introduction To Wakeboarding
    Introduction To Wakeboarding
    Enjoy a 30 minute wakeboard session!
    Experience the coolest thrill on water - learning how to wakeboard! This is a surface water sport that combines water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques so is perfect for those who love the excitement of high speed water sports. Your session will start with land training on the dock once kitted up. You will be given a safety briefing, after which you will learn basic techniques such as how to transfer your weight and perform deep water starts. You will then go out to either the cable tow or the boat, a choice made at the time of booking (cable wakeboarding is simply wakeboarding while being pulled by an overhead cable-ski system rather than a boat). Both the cable and boat tow methods have their advantages and it is recommended that you enquire as to which you would best be suited to on booking.This experience is sure to wet your appetite for more.
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