Gold Fairy School Experience

  • Gold Fairy School Experience
    Gold Fairy School Experience
    A magical fairy workshop for children aged 3 to 9, includes two photographs
    These special workshops let children enter the magical world of being a fairy! This package also includes two photographs beautifully illustrated with a keepsake border. On arrival, the children will be introduced to the fairy host before enjoying lots of fun and exciting activities. These comprise of:Fairy Makeover - Each child is asked to wear their own fairy outfit on the day. As part of the special experience they will then enjoy a magical makeover. Flowers attached at the side, face gems are applied, clear lip gloss and of course a sprinkling of sparkly fairy dust all over! Fairy Dust Creation - Children will learn the magical steps involved in making fairy dust, learning about each individual ingredient whilst mixing in its magical powers. Children will add their fairy dust to a special miniature fairy dust capsule that will later be added to their hand made necklaceFairy Dancing - This is an interactive dancing session led by the fairy and includes songs with lyrics that the children interact with, such as ėHeads, Wings, Knees and Toes! A beautiful, moving dance is performed at the end for the adults.Adopt A Baby Fairy - This activity will exercise a budding fairys imagination beautifully. They will be shown a glowing fairy egg and told stories of baby fairies and their first adventures. They will each create their own fairy using the power of imagination. The fairy host will of course explain that baby fairies are not allowed to be seen, they will also help the child to know when their fairy is near and how they need to be looked after. Each participant is presented with a mini adoption card with their own fairy name on, which is received only after their ėTinky promise; a finger print shows they have promised to adopt the fairy. Very magical!Tea party - Fairy nectar (juice!) and a fairy cake are served to keep the excited childrens energy levels high!Fairy Necklace - Each child will add their fairy dust capsule to a hand-made necklace along with a silver charm. Beads, each representing something from fairyland are added for a treasured keepsake of the day. Fairy Graduation - Once the children have finished learning how to be a fairy, it is time to graduate! They will all wear a special pink graduation cap and sash whilst being presented with their Fairy Graduation Certificate. Fairy Photoshoot - Following the graduation, a professional photographer will capture the childs magical day forever in a fun shoot. The photographs can be viewed up to four weeks after the event via a dedicated website. Each child has a wide range to choose from, including studio style and unique fantasy images. You will be provided with a login via email four weeks after the expeirence so that you can access your two 8x6" photographs, one from the graduation and the second with a fairy. You will be able to purchase further images should you wish. The workshops typically take place in hotels and halls which are decorated fairy style!
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