Ferrari Lamborghini Aston Or Audi R8

  • Ferrari  Lamborghini  Aston Or Audi R8
    Ferrari Lamborghini Aston Or Audi R8
    3-4 Laps
    Which of these amazing supercars will you choose to drive for three or four thrilling laps? Aston Martin DB9 or V8 Vantage - The modern day Aston Martin still lives up to the benchmark of quality and luxury set nearly a hundred years ago. The V8 Vantage and the DB9 are both prime examples of their commitment to the three important elements of an Aston Martin: power, beauty and soul.Ferrari 355, 360 or 430 - When you drive a Ferrari, you can appreciate the years of engineering knowledge gained from competing in Formula 1 - the engine roars witha power that has been harnessed to give you the ultimate in driving thrills. Lamborghini Gallardo - Since the 1960s Lamborghini have been creating some of worlds most beautiful supercars and the Lamborghini Gallardo is no exception. Dont let this baby Lamborghini fool you, its sleek body hides a raging bull beneath its hood. Turn the key and the 5 litre, 500 bhp V10 engine snarls to life. Buckle up andexperience the true meaning of speed. Audi R8 - With a 4.2 litre V8 engine, and a top speed of 187mph, the Audi R8 was built to take your breath away! Audis leading designers have pushed the boundaries of racing technology, futuristic construction and luxury refinement to deliver a genuine masterpiece. Please note, the exact model of supercar will vary by location.The person driving the car will be required to sign a disclaimer accepting liability in the event of damage to the vehicle. The driver will be given an option to purchasedamage waiver cover when booking to minimise their financial exposure should there be an accident. Drivers are under no obligation to purchase this optional waiver. Full details are available at the time of booking.
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