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Deluxe Fly Fishing

  • Deluxe Fly Fishing
    Deluxe Fly Fishing
    Four hours fly fishing
    The Derbyshire Wye is the oldest known dry fly water river and it is a noted fly fishing destination. The river is small and intimate in places and fairly wide in others where a lengthy cast can be required. Fishing the river is a delight, although it is fair to say it is not kind to total novice anglers and so this experience would suit those who have at least cast at fly line before. You will be fishing with an experienced guide to increase the chance of contacting a totally wild fish in a lovely part of the world. After a warm welcome on arrival you'll travel straight to the river to get stuck in. With a fly attached to your line you try your luck, with the instructor always on hand to advise on fishing techniques. Savour the fresh air and tranquillity and you never know you might catch a trout or two! All the equipment you need is provided.
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