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Dtv Shredder Discovery

  • Dtv Shredder Discovery
    Dtv Shredder Discovery
    Extreme off road thrill!
    Go full throttle with the first true crossover vehicle for off-road power-sports with this DTV Shredder Discovery experience.The mighty DTV - Dual Tracked Vehicle is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. A hybrid of a scooter and a tank, it operates similar to a jet-ski on land. Riders use their body weight to steer the vehicle, leaning left or right for direction. Operating the DTV is a real test of balance and stamina and a whole lot of fun. When it comes to tackling the challenging terrain of the purpose built course, the DTV Shredder comes into its own as the tank-like treads will plough through anything: from mud to sand and snow to ice. This taster session begins with a safety briefing, where you will learn the necessary training and skills required for 15 minutes of fun-filled action on the track.
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