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    Big Toys Driving
    Welcome to the world of colossal vehicles! Drive three motoringbeasts on this bonkers off-road adventure. Kick things off with a briefing, before hopping behind the wheel of a 400cc rear wheel drive Rallykart. Next, take the British-spec monster truck known as 'Black Ice' over some tough, purpose-built terrain and experience it's supreme power first-hand. Then it's the bit you've been waiting for - clamber up a step ladder to climb into the cab of the full-spec, 66-inch terra-tyred American monster truck affectionately named 'Grizly'. Take a deep breath, then drive this amazing vehicle over the top of two saloon cars - they'll be well and truly wrecked. Steering thisbehemoth of a truck on a mission of destruction is a pure adrenaline rush!
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