Day Sailing On The Solent

  • Day Sailing On The Solent
    Day Sailing On The Solent
    Water Experiences
    Run on the ever popular Solent, this fun, exciting experience is a great way to enjoy the wonderful world of sailing. Begin with a welcome tea or coffee before receiving a full safety briefing, getting fitted with a life jacket and being introduced to the impressive Clipper 60 ocean race yacht. After helping to prepare the boat, motor down the River Hamble to the mouth of the Solent. Once out on open water, the fun really begins, so get ready for a morning of cruising the Solent before sitting down to a well-earned lunch aboard the vessel. After lunch, get hands-on by helping to complete a series of yachting manoeuvres and enjoying a stint behind the wheel. Once back at the River Hamble, drop sail and head for land.
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