50% Off Mad Max 4x4 Driving

  • 50% Off Mad Max 4x4 Driving
    50% Off Mad Max 4x4 Driving
    Get a taste of the crazy world of off-roading with this Mad Max inspired driving adventure. Get behind the wheel of a bonkers version of a Land Rover Defender, a legendary vehicle built to endure challenging expeditions across a variety of terrain, and tackle the off-road course at Abingdon. Designed to train military personnel, the course tests the best drivers and features a variety of seemingly impossible obstacles to overcome including steep slopes, water ditches and muddy gullies. Begin with a thorough safety briefing before pushing those off-road driving skills to their limits. With an instructor in the passenger seat, giving handy tips and tricks throughout, spend 20 minutes on the beastly course. It's time to let loose!
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