Skidpan Driving At Thruxton

  • Skidpan Driving At Thruxton
    Skidpan Driving At Thruxton
    Master the art of skidpan driving at Thruxton's purpose-built low grip polished skid area. Kick off with a safety briefing and 10 minute demonstration before getting down to some serious skidpan driving! Receive professional tuition on essential front and rear wheel driving techniques on Thruxton's state-of-the-art skidpan course. During the session, hop into both the mighty front wheel drive Mini Cooper and rear wheel drive Toyota GT86 with a pro instructor and one other skidpan enthusiast and put those newfound driving skills into practice. Take turns as passenger and driver - once behind the wheel, try and master the essential skill of controlling a skid in a fun and exciting environment.
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