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Dtv Shredder Discovery

  • Dtv Shredder Discovery
    Dtv Shredder Discovery
    Looking for a new thrill? The Shredder could well be the answer. These powerful off-road machines boast four stroke 196cc engines meaning they can tear up even the most difficult terrain. Somewhere between a tank and a skateboard, driving a shredder has been likened to driving a jet ski. To turn you must swing your body left or right, which is a real test of balance and strength. After a safety briefing and training to get to grips with the controls, it's time to hit the course for 15 minutes of high octane action. Available in Cambridgeshire, London, Hertforshire, Berkshire, North Yorkshire, Warwickshire, West Sussex and Bristol, this is the perfect opportunity to test your mettle.
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