56% Off Triple Powerboat Day

  • 56% Off Triple Powerboat Day
    56% Off Triple Powerboat Day
    Water Experiences
    Drive three incredible powerboats on high-octane powerboating experience! Take control of the fast, agile Thunderbolt inflatable catamaran, the exhilarating Honda racing powerboat and ride in the phenomenal 450 hp Jet Viper - a powerboat that can out manoeuvre any other craft on the water. Each boat is a completely different drive, but each is guaranteed to leave anyone smiling from ear to ear. Kick off with a safety briefing and an introduction to the three boats, then it's onto the water for a full hour in each vessel, with instruction on cornering and racing technique, wave jumping and high-speed take-offs in the Thunderbolt and Honda, then a passenger ride in the Viper. End the session with a photograph during the debrief as a memento.
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