Subaru Turbo Rally Thrill

  • Subaru Turbo Rally Thrill
    Subaru Turbo Rally Thrill
    Rally driving is nothing like race driving on a smooth, dry track - it's a hardcore blend of handbrake turns around extreme corners, skidding, acceleration and flying gravel, and it's perhaps one of the most exciting of all motorsports. There's no better place to try it than at Silverstone Rally School, which has thrilled and nurtured aspiring rally drivers for over a quarter of a century, and this experience for one takes place in perhaps one of the most breathtaking cars of all time: the Subaru Impreza turbo. After a driver's briefing, get behind the wheel and learn professional rally techniques from an experienced and personable instructor, which then get put into practise on the loose rally stage. Driving will never be the same afterwards!
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