Weekday Extra 300 Aerobatics

  • Weekday Extra 300 Aerobatics
    Weekday Extra 300 Aerobatics
    This intense aerial thrill offers an adrenaline-fuelled introduction to the exciting world of aerobatic stunt flying. Under the guidance of a seasoned ex-military flying instructor, experience the immense speed and capabilities of an Extra 300 - the world's premier two-seater stunt plane. Following a pre-flight briefing, strap into the cockpit and prepare for a wild ride! Once at altitude, hold on tight whilst the instructor completes a jaw-dropping series of astounding aerobatic manoeuvres such as loops, barrel rolls and figure of eights. During the flight, take over the controls and bust your very own show-stopping aerial moves under the guidance of the instructor. Enjoy a unique high-flying experience.
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