Weekday Utter Nutter Flying

  • Weekday Utter Nutter Flying
    Weekday Utter Nutter Flying
    Experience the big five extreme aerobatic manoeuvres during this amazing flight over West Sussex. Alongside a top air display pilot, take to the skies in an Extra 300, the world's top two-seat certified competition aerobatic aeroplane, and experience the massive forces endured at the very edge of the flight performance envelope. After a safety briefing and introduction to the plane, it's chocks away for a supreme thrill. Hold on tight as your instructor demonstrates moves such as the Cravat, the Inverted Loop, the Ruade, the inverted push-up to Lomcevak and the Mulleroid. What's more, participants get to take control of the Extra 300 for a few minutes under the guidance of the instructor - it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.
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