Indoor Double Bungee Jumping

  • Indoor Double Bungee Jumping
    Indoor Double Bungee Jumping
    Imagine semi-darkness, music pumping out of speakers, dry ice in the air and huge projection screens showing fellow jumpers in action. Bungee jumping has gone rock'n'roll! Begin by climbing 143 steps up the 'Face of Steel' to the 150ft jump zone. Get into a harness (with thorough safety checks) and get ready to go. After some words of encouragement, and a few very deep breaths, it's bungee time! Plummet towards the ground before the bungee rope reaches its return point and ping back towards the rafters. After a few more bounces, get lowered back to terra firma. Then after a breather, get back up there and do it all over again! All equipment is included, and you can buy merchandise and photos of the jump on the day.
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