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Ultimate Powerboat Day

  • Ultimate Powerboat Day
    Ultimate Powerboat Day
    Drive two renowned powerboats and be a passenger aboard a third for high-octane thrills on the water
    Put two powerboats through their paces and find out what a third can do with this ultimate powerboat day for one youll thoroughly enjoy the adrenalin rush that can only be gotten at high speed on the water. After a safety brief and once youre wearing the right gear, its time to test out both a Honda HF4S race boat and the incredible rescue catamaran that is the Thunderbolt. Upon each, youll spend an hour; an experienced Skipper will show you how its done and even give you a chance to try out each boat first-hand youll be taught to jump waves, corner like a racer and more before you get a chance to try each boat on the offshore race circuit. After youre done being the driver, its time to jump in the hot seat aboard a mighty 450hp Jet Viper get comfortable in the jockey seats before your Skipper starts to turn spins, turn donuts, slide sideways and even crash-stop.
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