Triple Movie Car Driving Blast

  • Triple Movie Car Driving Blast
    Triple Movie Car Driving Blast
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    Three-car movie driving thrill experience choose three movie star motors from Fast and Furious, Dukes of Hazard, Transformers and more
    Cruise into the heart of the action as you take to the track in three of your dream cars from the movies. Choose your silver-screen speedsters from a magnificent stable of 14 thoroughbred superstars that have landed leading roles in top motoring movies in recent years. Fans of American muscle cars will be spoilt for choice, with a lineup of modern and classic 8-cylinder monsters, including the iconic Shelby Mustang GT500 ˜Eleanor car from Gone in 60 Seconds. Other prominent V8 movie stars in the line-up include the classic Camaro SS and ˜General Lee Dodge Charger from Dukes of Hazard, right through to modern-day muscle maestros like the ˜Bumblebee Camaro ZL1 and ˜Barricade Ford Mustang GT from the Transformers movies. For some real racing pedigree take a spin in the legendary Ford GT40 Le Mans racer, or for some bang up-to-date racing tech then the 650BHP R35 Nissan GT-R will leave your head spinning with its plethora of computer driving aids making serious speed within realistic reach. Once youve taken your pick of the movie motors youll need to run through the script in the safety briefing, before heading out onto the track for your special moment! Three glorious miles of twists, turns and full-throttle straights in each of your cars will give you plenty of time to really appreciate the qualities and quirks of each vehicle. Heart-pounding acceleration, gut-wrenching braking and cornering on a dime, ­before heading to base to relive each mile in the post-drive video and photo viewing session. Whos the car chase hero now!
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