Rally Driving Yorkshire - Full Day

  • Rally Driving Yorkshire - Full Day
    Rally Driving Yorkshire - Full Day
    During this full day Yorkshire rally driving experience, you will get the chance to drive a Ford Escort RS2000, the legendary rally car that dominated the world of competitive rally driving in the late 70's and early 80's, and is still revered as one of the greatest cars in rally history. Rally driving is the ultimate in high adrenalin, high speed experiences, and during this full day you can expect plenty of both adrenaline and speed. You will begin the driving day by learning about the RS2000, then getting into the car to practice handbrake turns, power slides, understeer and oversteer control. You will have a professional rally driver sitting beside you throughout the rally driving, to ensure you get the most from your rally lesson - which in 7 hours, is a lot! Your rally driving experience will conclude with an unbelievable passenger ride, as your rally instructor shows you how the seasoned pros do it!
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