Chepstow 400ft Bungee Jump

  • Chepstow 400ft Bungee Jump
    Chepstow 400ft Bungee Jump
    The highest bungee jump in the UK is back, standing a staggering 400ft off the ground this is the experience for anyone looking for the ultimate thrill. Bungee jumping was invented back in 1979 and has been considered the most extreme of extreme sports ever since! This fantastic experience will allow you to jump from the highest bungee jumping platform in the UK, over 100ft taller then the previous highest. This once a year experience is always a sell out so make sure you get booked in now!You will be greeted at the centre where you will be directed to the sign in area to complete a Bungee Jump membership form. You will be able to watch other participants make the leap of faith as you a weighed twice to make sure the correct bungee cord is used before making your way over to the crane and begin the long 400ft ascent up to the top. As the instructors make the final checks, make sure you take in the breathtaking view from the platform before the instructors start the countdown - 3,2,1 BUNGEE!
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