Bungee Jumping - Nationwide

  • Bungee Jumping - Nationwide
    Bungee Jumping - Nationwide
    Bungee Jumps - thrilling, electrifying and utterly unforgettable! If you haven't done one, you definitely should ... you can't beat the massive adrenaline rush you'll get from throwing yourself off a platform 160 ft high with just an elastic band around your ankles for safety! You might feel as thought you're going against your better instincts, but you won't regret it ... you will recoil skywards with massive G force and it will certainly be a moment you remember for the rest of your life! After springing around for a while (which is great fun!) you will be slowly lowered to the ground, and you are sure to be buzing for the rest of the day. This experience will leave you utterly exhilarated!The 160ft Crane Bungee Jump experience can be taken at any of 10 UK locations.
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