Indoor Ice Climbing Introduction - For 2

  • Indoor Ice Climbing Introduction - For 2
    Indoor Ice Climbing Introduction - For 2
    Ice climbing is much cooler than rock climbing, even if only in terms of temperature! Any type of climbing is seriously good fun, but with ice climbing there is a stronger sense of man vs the elements - you face a frozen vertical challenge that can't be rivalled! Ice Climbing is as good for body as for mind, helping you to keep fit whilst losing yourself for a while in quiet focus as you scale the the frozen wall. The ice wall is beautiful and just a little daunting, and while the physical challenge is certainly something to keep in mind, it is the need for a calm and focused approach that can present the biggest challenge - and, consequently, the greatest reward. It is just you and the wall, and the minutes will slip away as you find your route to the summit. With picks and axes in hand, you'll chip away at the freezing cold ice and step your way to the top of a challenging and tricky wall that has been made using over 100 tonnes of snow, creating a surface around 300 square metres for your scaling pleasure.
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