Swansea Kitesurfing Lessons - 2 Days

  • Swansea Kitesurfing Lessons - 2 Days
    Swansea Kitesurfing Lessons - 2 Days
    A 2 day Kitesurfing course in Swansea is, quite frankly, the perfect introduction to what we consider one of the best, most exciting extreme watersports out there. The superb beach-side location in Gower (just 15 minutes from Swansea city centre), has some of the best kitesurfing Wales has to offer. Kiteboarding is the result of the natural evolution of extreme watersports, combining aspects of windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing and paragliding. The powerful inflatable kites and really lightweight boards give kiteboarders far higher performance possibilities than many longer-established extreme watersports. Over two days, you will learn the essential skills and important safety procedures you need to practise kitesurfing on your own. Luckily they are easy to pick up, and by the end of a 2 day course, most new kiteboarders will achieve BKSA Level 1 certification, with some even progressing to the 2nd Level.
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