Learn Fire Eating In London

  • Learn Fire Eating In London
    Learn Fire Eating In London
    This 2 hour beginners lesson in fire eating and body burning (also called fire manipulation) is a superb and unusual experience that is perfect for fearless fun-lovers with a sense of adventure! Taught by one of the best fire artists in the UK, the course will teach you some of the mysterious tips, tricks and secrets behind the art of fire eating. Traditionally, fakir and fire manipulation was taught to one apprentice by one master or mentor, meaning it was a rare skill shrouded with magic and mystery.These days, more and more people want to try out a little bit of that magic and mystery, and luckily this fire eating lesson is there to help them out! It is a totally different experience that will teach you some cool new skills, and give you a real sense of achievement. The instructors are highly experienced and enthusiastic, and are fully insured.
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