Four Seater Flying Lesson In Liverpool (30 Mins)

  • Four Seater Flying Lesson In Liverpool (30 Mins)
    Four Seater Flying Lesson In Liverpool (30 Mins)
    This fantastic Four Seater Flying Lesson in Liverpool is the perfect introduction to the joys and exhilaration of flying, and whether you want to enjoy this activity yourself or are looking for a unique experience gift for a friend, nothing about this brilliant lesson will disappoint! Whether you are serious about flying and want to use this lesson as a step towards obtaining your pilot's licence or just want to experience the mind-blowing sensation of soaring through the skies, this 30 minute lesson is the perfect taster session. Taking off and landing at Liverpool International Airport on the same runway as commercial planes and taught by friendly, knowledgeable and expert instructors, you will soon be feeling confident and ready and raring to go! You will be flying in a four-seater light aircraft along with your instructor and passengers (if you are bringing any) and once you are aboard you will be shown the controls and how the plane flies. Next the real fun begins, and after the instructor performs the take-off you will be handed the controls and can fly the plane yourself! The exhilaration you will feel as you navigate your way through the air must be experienced to be believed, and the breath-taking views of the North West and the Welsh coastline that will unfold beneath you are just an added bonus! So whether this lesson is a gift for a daredevil friend or you want to enjoy the experience yourself, you are guaranteed to leave absolutely buzing - and we bet that by the time you land you will be utterly hooked! Totally spectacular...
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