20 Minute Motor Glider Trial Flight In Oxfordshire

  • 20 Minute Motor Glider Trial Flight In Oxfordshire
    20 Minute Motor Glider Trial Flight In Oxfordshire
    If you are looking for a thrilling aerial adventure, whether for you to enjoy yourself or as an experience gift for a daredevil friend, look no further than this sensational 20 Minute Motor Glider Trial Flight in Oxfordshire! Motor glider flight is like nothing you have ever experienced before; the feeling of flying through the sky and coasting through the clouds as free as a bird is simply spectacular. The size and manoeuvrability of the motor glider means that you can experience a unique sense of freedom in the sky - one that will provide you with an adrenaline buz that will last all day! At Oxfordshire's top flying centre near Chipping Norton you will be learning from expert instructors and will be surprised at how quickly you can pick things up. After a thorough safety and instruction briefing you will climb aboard a dual-control, two-seater motor glider - and then it's time for the REAL fun to begin! Your instructor will perform the take-off, and then once youre safely up in the air you can have a go at flying the glider yourself, with your instructor guiding you all the way. You will fly for twenty exhilarating minutes, after which your instructor will land the glider back down ... and we bet that you will be utterly hooked by the time you step back onto solid ground! So whether you want this brilliant experience to be a step towards obtaining your own pilot's licence, a special gift for a loved one, or just a one-off activity to experience the sublime magic of flight, you can guarantee that this is an aerial experience you will never forget!
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