Archery Lesson For Two In North Yorkshire

  • Archery Lesson For Two In North Yorkshire
    Archery Lesson For Two In North Yorkshire
    This Yorkshire archery lesson is a fantastic taster archery experience that will let you try out the age-old sport, channeling your inner Robin Hood, William Tell, or perhaps even Katniss from the Hunger Games! Archery is a fantastic sport that challenges your aim, precision, and steady hand - and with this lesson for two people, you should see a big improvement in all three! The archery session at this Yorkshire centre begins with you and a friend meeting the group and instructor for a briefing, where you will discuss safety issues and be introduced to your bows and arrows. The instructor will explain the techniques and skills you need to work on to hit the target; you do not need to have any archery experience for this, the instructors are very experienced and skilled archers who have taught plenty of novices to shoot! You'll learn plenty of the history of this ancient sport too. You'll be able to tell your longbow from your cross bow and strings from limbs by the end of the session, and you'll have a good insight into the origins of the sport, from when it was used to defend castles and catch food! After the briefing you will head for the Yorkshire archery range to put into practice all that you have just been taught. You will spend the rest of the archery experience learning archery skills, from the correct stance to the proper way to hold the weapon, and how to ensure your aim is true. This archery experience is as fun as it is challenging, and makes a perfect gift for both children (over the age of 8) and adults.
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