Junior Rally Driving Experience Gloucestershire

  • Junior Rally Driving Experience Gloucestershire
    Junior Rally Driving Experience Gloucestershire
    This junior rally driving experience is the ultimate driving experience for kids in Gloucestershire. Who says you need a driving licence to get a taste of some rally driving action? This fantastic junior rally driving experience day lets them get behind the wheel of a Peugot 106 rally car and drive on a purpose built rally track under the watchful eye of an experienced rally instructor. Probably one of the best kids birthday presents you can ever give, this kids rally driving day is perfect for prospective petrol-heads, whether they are 10 years old and have never sat in the driver seat, or 16 years old with some karting experience. The kids rally driving experience day kicks off with a briefing to introduce them to the day and the rally car they will be driving. They will have an assessment, where an instructor can judge their skill level. Depending on experience, they will then either learn the basics of controlling a rally car on a loose surface, or working on some rally driving skills with an instructor, including power slides and handbrake turns! Each junior driver in the group will enjoy several sessions of driving the rally car, giving them plenty of opportunity to work on their new skills, and at the end of the rally driving day, they will enjoy a white-knuckle passenger ride as their instructor takes them for a high octane spin around the circuit to show them how the pros do it!
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