Rock Climbing And Abseiling In The Peak District

  • Rock Climbing And Abseiling In The Peak District
    Rock Climbing And Abseiling In The Peak District
    If you are looking for a thrilling outdoor activity to get stuck into, or a unique and unforgettable experience gift for an adventure-loving friend, then look no further than this superb Rock Climbing and Abseiling Experience in the Peak District! This is an exceptional opportunity for beginners to get to grips with two exhilarating activities - rock climbing AND abseiling - and see just how far you can come in a day. At a superb outdoor location in the Peak District, you will be learning from experts and will be surprised at how quickly you can progress under the right tuition. Your experience will begin with rock climbing, and you will meet your instructor and then get fitted with a safety helmet and climbing harness. You'll climb a variety of different routes, starting gently with beginners' routes and then progressing to more challenging routes. You'll learn how to belay, control the ropes and ascend the routes in the best and safest ways. You'll then get stuck into abseiling; prepare yourself for an adrenaline buz like no other as you scale down a sheer cliff edge! Abseiling is exciting, rewarding and huge amounts of fun, and you will enjoy pushing yourself to your limits as you lower yourself off the edge of a cliff! This is a fantastic experience where you will learn a lot while having a brilliant time. Whether you want to treat a friend to an outdoor experience they will never forget or would rather get stuck in yourself, this fun session is just the ticket!
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