Sussex Kayaking Experience

  • Sussex Kayaking Experience
    Sussex Kayaking Experience
    This fantastic West Sussex kayaking experience is a fantastic half day of paddling that will teach you the skills you need to get out there and enjoy a really versatile, thoroughly enjoyable and totally exhilarating sport. Kayaking can be enjoyed on rivers, lakes, and in the sea, meaning that wherever you are in the UK, you won't be too far from a kayaking location - all you need are the skills to be able to do it safely and competently, and you can kayak almost anywhere! On the day of your experience, you will meet your instructors and group for a safety and introductory briefing. After this you will be fitted and kitted with the necessary safety gear, before getting in your kayak, ready to get paddling! Out on the Sussex lake, you will spend time navigating the lake, manoeuvring your kayak around any obstacles, and learning the important basic kayaking skills you need - even capsizing, if you're feeling confident enough! You and the group will also get involved involved in some fun water-based games that will help you develop your paddling skills - and have fun while you do it! This Sussex kayaking lesson is just ideal for new kayaking recruits, or people who've paddled before but might need to brush up on their kayaking skills. An ideal gift for outdoorsy types, and a fantastically fun family day out or group activity, this kayaking experience day is sure to put a smile on your face!
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