Rally Driving Experience - Thoroughbred Battle

  • Rally Driving Experience - Thoroughbred Battle
    Rally Driving Experience - Thoroughbred Battle
    This rally driving experience is the ultimate in rally driving double trouble! Just in case driving one incredible rally car wasn't quite enough for you, with this rally driving experience you get to drive two. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and the Subaru Impreza WRX STi are two absolute stalwarts of the rally world, each having earned a place in the hearts of WRC fans for their speed, reliability, and sheer power. This rally driving experience gives you the chance to put them both to the test, as you blast around the rally stage of your choice, either in Lincolnshire, Bradford or Yorkshire. On the day of your double whammy rally driving experience, you begin with a safety briefing delivered by your experienced rally driving instructor. After this, it's off to the track to get behind the wheel of either the Impreza or the Evolution. You will be in a group of 4, taking turns to drive the car for 15 minutes with your instructor in the passenger seat throughout. Once you have all enjoyed a blast around the rally stage in the first car, you'll move on to the second to put pedal to metal yet again. Taking turns again, you will each drive the second car, again for 15 minutes - although now that you are a bit more familiar with the circuit, will the second car seem easier to drive? It's up to you to decide which car is your rally star, so get revved up and rally your heart out with this fantastic 90 minute driving experience.Surfaces:Tong Dirt & GravelTwyford Concrete & Gravel
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