Southampton Honda Powerboat Vs Saber Thunderbolt

  • Southampton Honda Powerboat Vs Saber Thunderbolt
    Southampton Honda Powerboat Vs Saber Thunderbolt
    This fantastic Honda Racing Powerboat vs Saber Thunderbolt Challenge in Southampton is the ideal water-based activity if you want to get your blood flowing and your adrenaline pumping! The perfect experience gift for any thrill-seeker, this fun activity is also great to share with friends. This is an exceptional opportunity to get behind the wheel of two mighty powerboats and witness their capabilities as you tear across the waters of the Solent! The Saber Thunderbolt is a high-performance inflatable catamaran built for surf rescue; boasting a unique manoeuvrability that allows it to accelerate and change direction effortlessly, this boat is an absolute joy to drive. During this brilliant experience you will get the opportunity to drive not only the Thunderbolt but also experience the incredible thrill of a high-speed tour in a genuine offshore Honda powerboat. The activity begins with a safety briefing and introduction to the boats before you get kitted up into the Saber Powersports racing gear. Then the real fun begins as your expert skipper shows you just what both the Honda Racing Powerboat and the Saber Thunderbolt are made of! Prepare yourself for a serious adrenaline rush as you feel the responsiveness of these remarkable vehicles while flying through the waves. You will be able to perform high-speed turns and wave-jumping with guidance from expert instructors as you whiz over the water. Enjoy riding the waves during this ultimate thrill! So whether you want to enjoy this experience yourself or treat a loved one to an experience gift they will never forget, you can bet that you will enjoy every exhilarating moment of this awesome powerboat activity!
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