Kayaking Trip On The River Cuckmere East Sussex

  • Kayaking Trip On The River Cuckmere  East Sussex
    Kayaking Trip On The River Cuckmere East Sussex
    This superb Kayaking Trip along the River Cuckmere in East Sussex is the perfect outdoor activity for a family or a group, but also makes a wonderfully unique experience gift for anyone with a sense of adventure! Kayaking is exhilarating, rewarding and hugely enjoyable, and this trip along the River Cuckmere and through the stunning East Sussex countryside is an ideal way to discover its delights! The experience begins at Cuckmere Haven, an area of outstanding beauty where you can see plenty of wildlife, birds and beautiful flowers. You'll meet your kayaking instructors, who will give you a safety briefing and some instruction on kayaking technique. Then, with your instructors leading you, you'll kayak along the river Cuckmere and head inland towards Alfriston. You'll gain a whole new perspective on the beautiful Sussex downs and will be able to admire plenty of magnificent scenery as you paddle. As the river winds its way along the Cuckmere valley and into Litlington, you'll pass the spectacular white chalk horse on the left side of the valley. Once you arrive at Alfriston you'll have a break and snack before heading back to Cuckmere, sped along by the outgoing tide. So, whether you're looking for an extra special experience gift for a friend who loves the outdoors or would rather enjoy this fantastic activity yourself as you spend the day out on the water, you're guaranteed to have a brilliant time with this hugely enjoyable experience! Great fun.
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