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Archery Rifle And Clay Pigeon Shooting - Cheshire

Archery  Rifle And Clay Pigeon Shooting - Cheshire

Archery Rifle And Clay Pigeon Shooting - Cheshire

This superb Archery, Rifle and Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience in Cheshire is undoubtedly the ultimate shooting experience, and makes an exceptional experience gift for any shooting enthusiast - or just a fantastic outdoor activity that you can enjoy yourself! At a beautiful rural location near Nantwich, East Cheshire, this is a wonderful opportunity to get to grips with three different shooting disciplines and see just how far you can come as you put your focus, hand-eye-coordination and aim to the test! This is an experience that will suit all abilities, whether you've never been shooting before or consider yourself a bit of a dab hand; with such a wide array of targets everyone should be able to make an on-target shot! Your experience will begin with an introduction and safety briefing for each activity before you get familiar with the equipment - and then once you're feeling confident it's time to get shooting! For clay pigeon shooting you'll go over the basic shooting techniques such as stance, grip, aim and tracking a target across the sky before you put what you have learnt into practice on the different shooting stands. You will also learn what it takes to become a proficient archer as you get to grips with a bow and arrow and the exhilarating, ancient sport of archery. With advice and guidance from expert instructors you will be surprised at how quickly you can improve, and you'll also get to enjoy shooting with an air rifle; the beautiful scenery, which features ponds, pastureland and wooded areas just makes these adrenaline-pumping activities even more special! So whether you want to enjoy this triple experience yourself or would rather treat a friend, there's nothing like the thrill and sense of achievement you get when you hit the target! Unmissable...
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