Off Road Biking Introduction Wiltshire

  • Off Road Biking Introduction Wiltshire
    Off Road Biking Introduction Wiltshire
    This off road motorbike lesson in Wiltshire is just about the most fun you can have on a bike. Get off the tarmac and onto a dirt track with some experienced instructors, and get to grips with a whole new type of motorbike riding! The aim of this introductory off road biking experience is to get you used to a different type of motorbike, and get you riding it on a variety of challenging off road terrains. You'll be learning off road riding on a new Honda CRF 250L, a fun and easy bike to ride, ideal for people who are just beginning to take their riding skills onto the off-road. Your day kicks off with a safety briefing and introduction to the bike, before you get kitted out in all your safety gear. This done, it's time to get riding! You'll learn the basics of the bike, clutch and throttle control, and how to position your body on the bike. Your instructors are expert riders with plenty of experience and enthusiasm, and they'll be on-hand throughout the experience to make sure you are progressing at a pace that suits you. So if you're looking for the perfect gift for a motorbike lover in your life, why not give them the opportunity to get off the roads, and learn a totally new and exhilarating style of riding?! Full motorcycle licence is needed.
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