Windsor Segway Rally Experience - For Two

  • Windsor Segway Rally Experience - For Two
    Windsor Segway Rally Experience - For Two
    Experience a wonderful woodland Segway Rally Experience in Windsor! This is an hour-long experience, available midweek, that allows you to take your Segway off road to find out just what it's capable of! A wonderful gift for people who like to try new things, and a great new experience for anyone.The Windsor Segway location is one of the most popular places to try these personal transporters, and with good reason. The lakeside track is situated in a lush woodland area, giving you plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy, as you whiz around on the special off-road ready Segway! You'll arrive at Bray Lake Water Sports Centre on the day of your Segway experience, and begin by getting fitted with your protective gear. After a safety briefing and an introduction to the amazing Segway, you'll have a chance to practice your skills with a few simple Segway games. You'll have an instructor close by throughout, and once the group are all feeling relatively comfortable with the lean and steer technology, you'll head off out into the woodland to see what the Segway can really do. Just lean and go, and let the fantastic, futuristic Segway take you round the woodland track. After an hour on the Segway you'll have got used to the strange sensation of starting, steering and stopping, and you'll be whizing through the woodland course like you've been riding Segways your whole life! It's a tremendously fun activity for groups, a great family day out, and a unique experience gift for someone special - so why not head for the Windsor woodlands to try a Segway?!
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