Edinburgh Segway Rally Experience For Two

  • Edinburgh Segway Rally Experience For Two
    Edinburgh Segway Rally Experience For Two
    Enjoy an Edinburgh Segway Experience at the beautiful Newhailes Estate! The Segway is a fantastic contraption, totally intuitive and a pleasure to ride. During this experience you can head off around the vast and gorgeous grounds of the beautiful Newhailes Estate, to see just what the Segway can do!Once you've signed in at the Segway station and been kitted out with your protective gear, you'll have a quick briefing to welcome you to the experience and introduce you to the Segway. If you've never been on a Segway before, don't worry - you will have a chance to give it a try under the watchful eye of your guide. You'll learn how to safely step on and off these personal transporters, and you'll play some simple Segway games to help you get used to how they move. Once the group is comfortable, you can lean and steer your way out and around the magnificent grounds of the estate. You'll have plenty of space to roam around and find out what the Segway is truly capable of! Even if you were a little nervous to begin with, we think that by the end of your 60 minute Segway session, you'll be whizing around like it's an extension of your own body. If you want to continue to have a lovely day out after your Segway Experience, the Newhailes Estate is a great place to do it! You can take a tour of the beautiful old mansion which has been allowed to grow old without interference, or have a picnic in the grounds and wander through the idyllic surrounding woodland - and you are just 5 miles from Edinburgh City if you fancy heading in for a meal or some shopping.Whether you're looking for an idea for a great family day out or fun group activity, or a unique gift experience for a loved one, this Edinburgh Segway experience will not disappoint! Available on selected weekdays throughout the year.
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