Horsham Segway Rally Experience - For Two

  • Horsham Segway Rally Experience - For Two
    Horsham Segway Rally Experience - For Two
    This Segway experience is a fantastic off road Segway session on a woodland track that gives you and a guest the chance to see just how fun and versatile the incredible Segway is! The Horsham Segway event takes place on the grounds of a lovely working farm on a fantastic purpose-built woodland track. There are plenty of natural obstacles around the track, which are perfect for you to test your Segway skills on, to see what these two-wheeled tranporters are capable of! Of course, if you've never been on a Segway before, they can initially feel very strange! Luckily, you will have a full introduction to the Segway and instruction on how to mount and dismount safely, as well as how to make it go... and stop! After a few fun Segway games to help you and your group feel totally at ease on the Segways, you'll be let loose on the track to work on your new skills. There are hills, ditches and sharp turns that you can navigate, finding out how responsive and fun the Segway is to ride. As your confidence builds, so will your speed, and by the end of the 60 minute experience you should be zipping around happily as if you've been riding Segways your whole life! This is a really fun family activity, a great group event for friends or colleagues, and a unique gift idea for anyone who loves to try out new things. And with so much to see and do at the Holmbush Farm location, you can really make a day of your Segway experience!
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